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Kristy Aiani

Graphic Designer, Photographer, & Painter

Hello! I currently reside in Simi Valley, California. I am a graphic designer, photographer, and painter with a Bachelor’s Degree from Cal State University Northridge.
BeeSting Studios prides itself on creating art that is innovative and different. A Bee Sting is something that shocks and wakes you up. Just like art, it can be painful and it can be insightful. A bee will give everything, even her life, when pursuing her purpose. She has the courage to be strong in the defense of her goals, and she will not go down without a fight. BeeSting Studios carries these beliefs in driving forward with a passion for the unique and shocking.

I am an artist for the same reason a bee gathers honey; I was born to do it.


Adobe Photoshop/ Illustrator
Microsoft Office
Cannon / Nikon

My Services

Graphic Design

Graphics Design is a great creative solution for many communication and significant problems. Whether it’s branding for your company, or sending a visual message for your community; graphic design can relay an instant message without fail. Images can convey moods and emotions while inspiring people to act or think. People respond to images, logos, colors, and typefaces based on their personalities, associations and personal experiences. It is my job as a graphic design to design something that takes all of this information into account and stands out in a busy, noisy world.


Digital photography has always inspired me to capture a powerful moment or feeling within a split second. My many travels around the globe have always been accompanied by a camera and I have focused on not just documenting where’ve I’ve been, but what experience have changed me or impacted my life. Whether is walking up and down the street of Cairo, or dodging a glass bottle during a riot in London. Its takes someone with a good eye and quick and creative thinking to get in the thick of things and give you a shot of a lifetime. If you are always active and exploring, you will succeed. An effective photograph communicates a fact, touches the heart and leaves the viewer a changed person for having seen it.


Painting is all about embracing the spirit of creative play, breaking out of your comfort zone, and taking your message to a whole new level. I work on pieces for schools, gyms, and apparel for individuals. From murals, to custom shoes; painting is an intimate and personal form of art that can impact someone as much a physical experience. Nothing about painting is manufactured or mass produced. It is created specifically for you, once; and only once. Anything can be a canvas; from a break room, table, nursery, umbrella, or window. Painting is an fresh and alternative way to apply and manipulate, transform surfaces, and create distinctive, message-driven work.

Social marketing

Social media has changed the lives of customers and companies over the years. Customers have been influence by platforms on and off the computer and throughout their lives. Businesses, of course, have been revolutionized by these tools. Almost four out of five (78 perfect) of brands now use Twitter, and 65 percent of small business owners said that social media has helped them stay engaged with their customers. Everything, from your personal information, to your companies’ ideals, can be accessed through social media and social marketing. Whether or not you have links to your Social media account, or up date your feed with fresh new looks and posts; can determine if you succeed or fail. My job is to help you create and update your social media feeds- creating fresh new looks and helping create interesting designs for posts and identity images. Having yourself found through free online media can influence your personal and cooperate connections; leading you to success.





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